Critical Strike

By   2016-01-27

About CS Portable (CounterStrike) Game

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Before you begin this exciting and very popular Cs portable game you need to have installed the Unity program on your computer, if you don't have it you will see Instructions of how to instal it at the very beginning of the game. Then make a quick registration and you can take action! This shooting game is similar to counter-strike game but at the same time completely different, the goal of the game is to beat the other team in the arenas that defy gravity, which means that you can walk on the ceiling, walls and many other places. Cs portable is an online game that you play with and against players from all around the world, test your shooting skills in this awesome Cs portable game!

Conclusion for CS Portable (CounterStrike) Game

If you love shooting games, competitions, games such as counter strike, then this game will definitely bring you fun and brighten up your day, make the biggest score and kill as many members of the opposing team using various types of exciting and powerful weapons that is at your disposal. Good luck!


By   2015-12-15

About CS Thunderstorm

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This portable version of the game you can play against bots or multiplayer with and against players from all around the world. This is an older version of counter strike game in which your mission is to eliminate the opposing team and thus win a one of many matches that will be in front of you in this Thunderstorm game. If you're a long-lived fans of shooting games such as counter strike, then this Cs portable Thunderstorm game will definitely brighten your day.

CS Portable Thunderstorm

Conclusion for Counter Strike Thunderstorm

The game is absolutely free, with no installation or registration, you can play with your friends and compete with each other and test your shooting skills in this exciting and awesome Thunderstorm game. If you like Counter Strike, Shooting games, tactics, team play, a huge selection of weapons from pistols to sniper rifles and machine guns then you are in the right place because this Thunderstorm is right game for you!

CS Thunderstorm